About Casa

CASA-NGO was formed on 5th September 2010 i.e on the occasion of Teachers Day. We have started our journey with few members but now, we have members from many verticles. The expansion of our network itself depicts the story of popularity & acceptance throughout the professionals. It has always been proved to be beneficial to all our members in every aspect.
We have always been blessed with our seniors & renowned faculties in achieving our prime motto of Education, Excellence, and Empowerment. We have always been mentored & guided for excelling & doing our best in each and every moment.                
This website is committed to bringing about a revolution in the perception of the professionals of our field & intends to explore the various challenges and issues faced by them. It enumerates the success stories and also highlights the act & achievements made by our team in the last few years. To stay up-to-date and ongoing, CASA NGO regularly organizes meetings, seminars, and discussions for the benefit of our members in a very great way.
We would be pleased to receive all kinds of suggestions & feedbacks that could assist us in working and with our next edition.
“Love can’t remain itself as it has no meaning.
Love has to be put into action and that action is service”