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GSTKnow Your GST
CA Deepak Arya
CA Arun Chhajer
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Income Tax
Webinar on Income Tax - Changes in ITR and Tax Audit Report for AY 2021-22
CA Abhishek JainClick here
Networking Guidelines
Webinar on Networking Guidelines
CA R K GuptaClick here
Finance ActRecent Changes in Finance Act 2021
CA Sachin SinhaClick here
GSTKnow Your GST
CA Ashu Dalmia
CA Arun Chhajer
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Audit BanksBank Branch Audit - Part 3
Bank Audit Reporting and challenges with regard to Covid19 and Analysis of Supreme Court Order
CA Gopal ji Agarwal
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Audit BanksBank Branch Audit - Part 2 -Analysis & Identification of of NPA CA Akesh Vyas Ji
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Audit BanksBank Branch Audit - Part 1 - Changes in LFAR
CA Shashi Gupta JiClick here
GSTKnow Your GST
CA Arun Chhajer
CA Ankit Garg
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GSTApplicability of E Invoice on RCM Transaction ?
CA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTKnow Your GST
CA Arun Chhajer - Host & Expert
CA Abhishek Raja Ram - Expert
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GSTWebinar on GST
CA Ankit Garg
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OthersWebinar on NGO
CA Ved Mittal ji
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MS OfficeWebinar on Magic of Excel - DAY 2
CA Kailash SharmaClick here
MS OfficeWebinar on Magic of Excel - DAY 1
CA Vijay AggarwalClick here
Income TaxRefresher Course on International Tax-Day-3CA Anshul KumarClick here
Income TaxRefresher Course on International Tax-Day-2CA Prakash SinhaClick here
Income TaxRefresher Course on International Tax-Day-1CA Parul AggarwalClick here
GSTGSTR 3B Due Date - 20 /22/ 24 - In case of Turnover less than 5 Cr?Arun ChhajerClick here
othersLIVE Discussion on UDINCA Sachin Sinha
CA Nikhil Jain
CA Bhupendra Gupta
CA Sumit Garg
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GSTDay 4 GST Annual Return (GSTR-9) and GST Audit Reconciliation (GSTR-9C) for 2019-20CA Aanchal KapoorClick here
GSTDay 3 Export Import of goods and services, Refund in GSTCA Tarun AroraClick here
GSTDay 2 All about composition shcme, CMP-08, GSTR-4. Also GSTR 2A & GSTR 2BCA Nikhil JhanwarClick here
GSTDay 1 All about GST QRMP Scheme and Practical Exposure of Return filling of GSTR 3B & 1CA Arun ChhajerClick here
OthersAnalysis of Budget 2021CA Arun ChhajerClick here
IND-ASWebinar on IND-ASCA Ankit Kaushik
CA S K Gujral
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GSTLive Demo of PMT-06 with 35% in GST Portal under QRMP SchemeCA Arun ChhajerClick here
Income TaxWebinar on International taxationCA Sachin Sinha
CA Amit Sharma
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Income TaxUnion Budget 2021 - Direct Tax AmendmentsAdv CA Kapil Goel jiClick here
GSTUnion Budget 2021 - Indirect Tax AmendmentsCA Rohit Vaswani jiClick here
GSTAnalysis on GST Annual Return for the year 2019-20CA Subham GoyalClick here
GSTGST AuditCA Tarun Arora
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Companies Act MCA Compliances CS Divesh GoyalClick here
Others TallyPrime & E-invoice Mr. Deepak Tiwari
CA Karan Singal
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GSTNew 2 category for DRC-03CA Arun ChhajerClick here
Income TaxResidential Status No - Reason and SolutionCA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTAadhaar Authentication / E-KYC for Existing Taxpayers on GST Portal and FAQCA Arun ChhajerClick here
Audit BanksBANK AUDIT UPDATE 2021CA Sumit GargClick here
GSTDetailed discussion on QRMP schemeCA Aanchal KapoorClick here
IND-ASWebinar on IND-ASCA Ankit Kaushik
CA Anil Chachra

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OthersShrimad Bhagwat Geeta : A Management GuruCA Dheeraj Sharma,
Sh. Vishnu Pareek,
Sh. Shekhar kaushik,
CA Neha Gupta,
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GSTChanges on 22nd Dec'20 - Part 3 (Penalties, Offences and Schedule II of CGST )CA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTChanges on 22nd Dec'20 - Part 2 (Cancellation & recovation of Registration, Tax Invoice, TDS)CA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTChanges on 22nd Dec'20 - Part 1 (Composition Levy and ITC on Debit Note)CA Arun ChhajerClick here
OthersWomen Achievers ProgramCA Maloo NatarajanClick here
GSTGSTR 3B - Message for RCM to be Ignored?CA Arun Chhajer Click here
Income tax Constitutional relief under article 226 for actions under Economic laws i.e Income Tax, Benami , SEBI & other laws

Adv. CA Naresh Jain
Adv & CA Arati Agarwal
Adv & CA Smriti Sahay
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IND-ASDiscussion on IND-ASCA (Dr) D S Rawat
CA S K Gujral
CA Nisha Suyal Aggarwal
CA Sumit Garg
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GSTDeemed Export in GSTR 3B - Table 3.1.a or Table 3.1.b | CASA|CA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTChanges in GSTR 3B, Auto Drafted, ITC and 2A vs 2BCA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTPractical - Selection of QRMPCA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTNew GST Feature - Communication with taxpayersCA Arun ChhajerClick here
OthersBlockchain - Shaping the Future of FinanceHemraj Singh ChouhanClick here
GSTGSTR 9 - Case Study Reversal of ITC impacting Outward Tax LiabilityCA Arun ChhajerClick here
Others CYBER SECURITYAdv. Yogesh PanditClick here
GST"GSTR-9 and 9C for 2018-19- Case Study Discussion"CA Nikhil JhanwarClick here
OthersArtificial Intelligence and the Future of FinanceCA Narasimhan ElangovanClick here
GSTe-Invoicing System under GSTCA Anita Bhadra.Click here
IND-ASDiscussion on IND-ASCA Alok Garg, CA Nisha Suyal Agarwal, CA Chandni Gupta, CA Sumit GargClick here
OthersTechnology and usCA Arun Aggarwal, GurugramClick here
Companies ActLLP SETTLEMENT SCHEME 2020CA CS Ujjwal Jindal.Click here
GSTLatest in GST e Way BillCA Nikhil JhanwarClick here
CA Rohit Kapoor, AmritsarClick here
GSTSector Wise Analysis Under GST - GST on TOUR AND TRAVELCA Rohit Kapoor, AmritsarClick here
Income taxAn interactive session with case studies on
issues relating to TAX AUDIT*
CA Sachin SinhaClick here
GSTNew system of GSTR 1, 3B and 2B. including
IFF, QRMP System
CA Arun ChhajerClick here
MS OfficeMS-Excel Hacks for Finance Professionals!CA Vikal JainClick here
GSTITC based on GSTR 2B or 2A or 10%CA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTGST ON EDUCATION SECTORCA Rajesh Kumar KhandelwalClick here
GSTSector Wise Analysis Under GST - GST on
GSTRecent changes on Refund mechanisumRelaxation in GST provisions on 3rd April 2020CA Arun ChhajerClick here
IND-ASImpact of COVID 19
On Financial Reporting and The Auditors Consideration as per ICAI guidance.
CA Alok Garg
CA Gopal Ji Agarwal

Click here
Companies ActCompany Fresh Start Scheme 2020
and LLP Scheme 2020
CS Deepak SharmaClick here
GSTImportant Aspect of GST on Real Estate SectorCA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTClarification on Refund, LUT etc. by Circular 137 dated April 13, 2020CA Arun ChhajerClick here
CA Suraj BhallaClick here
Audit-BanksUpdate on BANK AUDIT
CA Sumit GargClick here
GSTAppellate Level & Revisional
Authority in GST
CA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTAssessment and Adjudication
Procedure in GST.COVID-19 related notification and relaxation in GST.
CA Rohit Vaswani
CA Rakesh Garg
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ValuationsValuationsCA Sumit Dhadda
CA Niranjan Kumar
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IND-ASFinancial instrument - IntroductionCA Ranjana BiyaniClick here
GSTRecent relaxation in GST due to
CA Arun ChhajerClick here
Income taxImportant aspect and Amendments in TDS and TCS provisions in Finance Act 2020CA Sachin SinhaClick here
Audit-BanksDAY 1 - Series on Bank Branch Audit - Planning & DocumentationCA Shashi GuptaClick here
Audit-BanksDAY-2 Series on Bank Branch Audit Verification of Loans & AdvanceCA Akesh VyasClick here
Audit-BanksDAY-3 Series on Bank Branch Audit – Reporting ComplianceCA Gopal Ji AgarwalClick here
Audit-BanksDAY-4 Challenges in Audit due to COVID-19 and NPA NormsCA Amarjit Chopra
CA Bhagwan Das Gupta
Click here
Audit-BanksUpdate on Bank Branch AuditCA Sumit GargClick here
Income taxKey measures to be taken while drafting/presenting for assessment/appeals in respected of unexplained cash credit or investments or expenditure.Adv. (CA.) Kapil GoelClick here
Audit-BanksLive Discussion Bank Branch Audit CA B D Gupta
CA Gopal Ji Ag.
CA Shashi Gupta
Click here
GSTCA Final GST amendment SessionCA Vinay TripathiClick here
GSTDiscussion on GST issue - Director Remuneration AARCA Arun ChhajerClick here
IND-ASIND_AS Master Class 1
IND-AS FAQs on Ind AS due to COVID-19 issued by ICAI and Guide on key considerations for Going concern
CA Alok GargClick here
IND-ASIND_AS Master Class 2
IND_AS 116 Leases
CA Nisha Suyal AggarwalClick here
IND-ASIND_AS Master Class 3
IND-AS 115 Revenue from contract with customers
CA Abhinay GuptaClick here
IND-ASIND_AS Master Class 4
Overview of Ind AS ( Roadmap, applicability and major differences)
CA Manish GoyalClick here
IND-ASIND_AS Master Class 5
Ind AS 101 and Steps to convert I GAAP financials to Ind AS Financials

CA Nisha Suyal AggarwalClick here
IND-ASIND_AS Master Class 6
Ind AS 27, 28 & 111 i.e. Associates Joint Venture and separate financial statements
CA Sourabh GoelClick here
OthersDiscussion on Government package for BHARAT Economic growth CA Abhishek Jain
CA Abhishek Raja
CS Deepak Sharma
CS Govind Mishra
CA Sachin Sinha
Click here
GSTGST Refunds - Detail AnalysisCA Aanchal KapoorClick here
GSTGST - ITC on works contract & construction servicesCA Suraj BhallaClick here
OthersMSME with demo registrationCA Divesh GoyalClick here
Income taxHUF and Succession planningCA Ved MittalClick here
OthersRERA complete analysisCA Gaurav AgarwalClick here
GSTGST Refund Analysis with problemsCA Aanchal KapoorClick here
Income taxInternational Taxation overviewCA Prakash SinhaClick here
FEMAOverview on FEMA, FDI, ODI remittancesCA Deepender KumarClick here
IND-ASFair Value Measurement IND_AS 113CA Karun NagpalClick here
IND-ASDerivatives & Hedge Accounting IND-AS 32 & 109CA Chandni GuptaClick here
MS OfficeAdvanced Features Of Pivot Table & GSTR 2A Reconciliation In Excel.CA Amit Jain
Click here
GSTImpact of Covid-19 on Compliance under GST.CA Sushant Gupta
Click here
Income taxCompany Taxation With Respect To New Tax Rate and Changes in ITR Forms.CA Abhishek Jain
CA Ankit Garg
Click here
InsolvencyBecoming An Insolvency Professional (IP).CA R K Gupta
Click here
Income taxDiscussion on Furnishing Statement of Financial Transactions (SFT).CA Sachin SinhaClick here
GSTClass 1 GST Course- For CA Final Students.CA Vinay TripathiClick here
OthersCapsule for Success Mantra for CA Students by Rank HoldersCA Anant Jain
CA Chandni Gupta
CA Tushar Makkar
CA Yogesh Raheja
CA Kartik Jindal
Click here
GSTClass 2 GST Course - For CA Final StudentsCA Vinay TripathiClick here
OthersMSME- special package & finance procedureCA Rajesh Agarwal
Click here
GST GST Audit & AssessmentCA Nikhil M JhanwarClick here
GSTGST on director Remuneration-RCM Or Not?CA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTGST Webinar on latest Developments till DateCA Arun ChhajerClick here
GSTGST Course Day 3- For CA final studentsCA Vinay TripathiClick here
OthersWebinar on Start-upsCA Kanupriya Bathla
CA Nitu Mohanka
Click here
Transfer pricingOverview of transfer pricing and types of Inter-company transaction. Day 1CA Gaurav Goel
Click here
Transfer pricingIntroduction to and application of transfer pricing methods. Day 2CA Ankit Arora
Click here
Transfer pricingHow to prepare TP study as per Rule 10D of income tax Rules. Day 3CA Ankit Arora
Click here
Transfer pricingImpact of COVID on Transfer pricing reporting. It's challenges in documentation, Benchmarking, comparablity analysis etc. Day 4CA Prakash Sinha
Click here
MS OfficeExcel Training Session 1 -Automation of Financial StatementCA Kailash Sharma
Click here
MS OfficeExcel Training Session 2 - Auditing toolCA Amit JainClick here
ValuationsWebinar on ValuationCA Karun Nagpal
Click here
OthersWebinar on NPOCA Ved MittalClick here
GSTGST -Recovery of
CA Mohit Singhal
Click here
Income taxEqualization LevyCA Geetika GuptaClick here
GSTGST Course - For CA Final Students
CA Vinay TripathiClick here
OthersYOGA at HOMENeha JainClick here
GSTGST Course - For CA Final Students DAY 5CA Vinay TripathiClick here
GSTInterest Impact on Extension of GSTR-3BCA Arun ChhajerClick here
OthersTALLY ERP 9 Course - DAY 1CA Deepak Gupta
Click here
OthersTALLY ERP 9 Course - DAY 2CA Ashish Niraj
Mr. Saurabh Singh
Click here
OthersTALLY ERP 9 Course - DAY 3CA Shiv Shankar Khudania
Mr. Saurabh Singh
Click here
Companies ActRestoration of Struck-Off Companies
amidst CFSS.
Latest amendment and relaxation due to COVID
CS Divesh GoyalClick here
IND-ASIFRS3/ IND AS 103 Business CombinationCA Nisha Suyal Aggarwal
Click here
IND-ASIND AS 102 Share Based PaymentCA Chandni GuptaClick here
GSTGST COURSE FOR CA FINAL - DAY 6CA Vinay TripathiClick here
IND-ASIND AS 32. 109 Financial InstrumentCA Ranjana BiyaniClick here
GSTGST COURSE FOR CA FINAL - DAY 7CA Vinay TripathiClick here
CA (Adv.) Somil Agarwal
Click here
GSTGST Learning Series – Professional
CA Navya MalhotraClick here
GSTGST Learning Series – Joint Development AgreementCA Sudhir VS,

Click here
GSTGST Industry wise - Works ContractAdv. Pawan AroraClick here
GSTGST Industry wise - Education & Health ServicesCA Aanchal Kapoor
Click here
GSTGST Industry wise - Logistic SectorCA Ashish Chaudhary
Click here
GSTGST Industry wise - E-commerce
CA Arun Chhajer
Click here
GSTGST Industry wise - Impact on Export & Import of Goods and ServicesCA Tarun Arora
Click here
GSTGST Industry wise - NGO SectorCA Priyanka Kushwaha
Click here
OthersMSMECA Amit Bansal
CA Ankit Garg
Click here
Others Non resident Indians - A complete prespectiveCA Sudha G. BhushanClick here
OthersTALLY ERP'9 Training 1CA Akshay guptaClick here
OthersTALLY ERP'9 Training 2CA Aman Shah

Click here
Income taxRecent Changes & Amendments in
TDS/TCS Privisions
CA Deepak Bholusaria
Click here
Income taxDiscussion On Technical and Procedural
aspects relating to filing of Form 15CA & 15CB.
CA Sachin Sinha

Click here
Income taxTaxability of unregistered Charitable and Religious Organisation and Contemporary Issues in Income Tax.CA Rajiv Jain
Click here
OthersMaster Course of VlookupCA Kailash SharmaClick here
GSTMonday Mid-Night ShowCA Arun Chhajer
CA VInay Tripathi
Click here
GSTWebinar on GST - POSCA Naveen Garg
Click here
MS Office Service Export of India Scheme (SEIS)CA Gaurav AryaClick here
Income taxWebinar on ITR FormsCA Manoj LambaClick here
Audit-Banks Forensic Audit and fraud indicators in AuditsCA Mukkul AgarrwalClick here
Others IPR & Startup benefitsCS Yashree Dixit
Click here
OthersDiscussion on MSME - Your Questions &
Our Answers
CA Sumit Garg
CA Ankit Garg
CA Amit Bansal
CA Vinay Tripathi
Click here
GSTComplete Analysis of Reverse Charge
under GST
CA Tarun Arora

Click here
GSTCritical Issues in ITC and Place of Supply
for Goods
CA Bimal Jain

Click here
GSTCritical analysis of Gujarat HC judgments on Refund under inverted duty structure, intermediary and export of services in case of associated enterprisesCA Madhukar N Hiregange
CA Ashish Chaudhary
Click here
GSTGST ANNUAL RETURNS (GSTR-9 & 9C) for 2018-19 with Practical Case Studies & Sample Excel SheetsCA Aanchal Kapoor
Click here
Income taxWhether reinvestment of LTCG in the name of close relatives eligible for capital gain exemptionAdvocate (CA) Divyanshu AgarwalClick here
Audit-BanksAnalysis & Implementation of Standards on
Auditing and related disciplinary issues
CA Amarjeet Chopra Ji

Click here
OthersCASA presents an evening on
श्री राम - जीवन दर्शन
CA Rajiv Jain
CA Gopal Ji Agarwal
CA M K Bhatt
Click here
Audit-BanksAudit Compliance under the Companies Act, 2013CS Deepak Sharma Ji

Click here
GSTAdvance Rulings under GSTCA. Mehak Goel

Click here
OthersOverview of Automation in Excel using Macro.
Use Macro in your day to day repetitive
office tasks & save lots of time.
CA Amit JainClick here
CA Sachin Sinha
CA Sumit Garg
CA Vinay Tripathi
Click here
Audit-BanksWebinar on Audit ComplianceCA Kamal Garg

Click here
GSTTopic " E-Way Bill, Detention & Confiscation-
Procedure and Issues"
CA Nikhil Jhanwar

Click here
GSTPractical approach and detailed Analysis of
Annual Return and Audit under GST
CA Ankit Garg

Click here
Income taxLatest Income Tax Return Forms (कौन सा फार्म
किसके लिए उपयोग करना है और क्या क्या
बदला है AY-2020-21 में)
CA Manoj Lamba

Click here
Income taxProvisions relating to Legal representative And Representative Assessee as per Income Tax ActCA Sachin SinhaClick here
GSTSection 65 GST Audit - Special insight on dept audit manualCA Shubham Aggarwal
Click here
IND-ASInd AS 38: Intangible AssetsCA Vrishabh Nagrani

Click here
IND-ASInd AS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment and Ind AS 40 Investment PropertyCA Chandni GuptaClick here
OthersHow to prepare BS for Bank finance, MSME and Atamnirbhar Bharat- Q&ACA Rajesh Aggarwal JiClick here
Income taxChanges in ITR Forms (AY 2020-21). Special focus on Business class return Including SILENT changes in ITR UtilitiesCA Pankaj SaraogiClick here
OthersDiscussion on Auditing Aspects and Issues of Code of Ethics - Your Questions & Our AnswersPanelist
CA Sumit Garg
CA Surender Aggarwal
CA Sohil Rana
Click here
GSTDecoding Latest Judicial Pronouncements and Recent Developments under GSTCA Kriti ChabbraClick here
OthersForeign Exchange Transactions - Prespective of RBICA Sudha G BhushanClick here
Income taxDiscussion on Recent Judicial Developments on Income TaxCA Prakash Sinha JiClick here
Income taxWithholding of refund under section 241A,
pursuant to notice under section 143(2), without recording justifiable reasons is justified
Advocate (CA)
Divyanshu Agarwal
Click here
GSTGST Audit and Annual Return – Practical
issue and solutions
CA Tarun Arora
Click here
Income taxCapital Gain - Income TaxCA Dr. Rakesh Gupta

Click here
ValuationsValuation - Overview and Exam related
CA Sumit Dhadda ji

Click here
GSTGST Intricate issue of Real Estate Transactions
and other Latest Case Study
Adv.CA Puneet Aggawal Ji

Click here
Income taxIncome Tax - Charitable TrustCA Dr Girish AhujaClick here
FEMAHelping foreign entities establish presence in
India - A complete Prespective
CA Prakash Sinha

Click here
OthersFuture of Finance - Backroom Accountant to
Boardroom Advisor
CA Shailash ChuriwalaClick here
IND-ASOverview and Latest AmendmentsCA Alok Kumar GargClick here
GSTGST - Predicaments and Issues in Input
Tax Credit
CA Dr Gaurav Gupta

Click here
Income taxTax Audit U/S 44AB of Income Tax ActCA Rajiv Jain

Click here
MS OfficeAdvanced Excel Features: Pivot, Chart,
Slicer & Dashboards
CA Amit JainClick here
GSTGST Annual Return and GST Audit - Practical
issues, challenges & solutions
CA Chitresh Gupta ji

Click here
Income taxTax Audit -44AD/44ADA (presumptive
taxation) read with 44AB and 44AA
CA Pankaj Saraogi JiClick here
Audit-BanksImpact of COVID -19 on audit of Financial statementsCA Tthanishki AgarwalClick here
Audit-BanksForensics in Auditing Standards Coverage of SA 240, 315, 330, 550, 570, 505, 580, 265, 520, 500.CA Himanshu SatpalClick here
OthersWebinar on Effective use of Tally - Part 1CA Ajay Gupta
CA Shiv Shankar Khudania
Click here
OthersWebinar on Effective use of Tally - Part 2CA Varsha Diwakar
CA Ajay Gupta
Click here
Income taxClause by Clause Analysis of Tax Audit ReportCA Sachin Sinha

Click here
GSTAudit Observations for GSTR 9C with some
important check point
CA Arun Chhajer

Click here
Income taxLatest Development on Faceless Assessment
& Latest Provisions under Section 206C(1H)
CA Abhishek JainClick here
OthersWhat after CA - Very useful for all New CasCA Rahul Raj KhawareClick here
GSTGST : Reversal of Common credits Rule 42
and Rule 43
CA Tarun AroraClick here
Companies ActDAY 1
Latest relaxations by MCA till 31 december and other Compliances required for Private Limited Companies
CS Divesh GoyalClick here
Companies ActDAY 2
Key Audit Reporting Standard (SA 700, 701, 705, 706, 710, 720)
CA Gopal Ji AgarwalClick here
Companies ActDAY 3
Audit Documentation with specific reference to Peer Review
CA Shashi GuptaClick here
Companies ActDAY 4
Critical issue in Reporting under CARO 2016 vs CARO 2020
CA Sumit GargClick here
GSTChanges in GST on 9th Oct 2020 - Press
Release on GSTR 9 & 9C and ITC for Sep'20
CA Arun ChhajerClick here
Income tax"Section 44AD/ADA - Are Really Presumptive
and out of Tax Audit Purview?
CA Pankaj SaraogiClick here
AND 9C FY 2018-19:
CA Ashu DalmiaClick here
Income tax✅Technical and procedural discussion on Faceless Assessment and Faceless Appeal.
✅ Key issue in filing Appeal for addition due to demonetization.
Adv. CA Kapil GoelClick here
OthersHow CA can become Torch Bearer for Startups- - Complete Analysis from Formation to TaxationCA Shiv BhardwajClick here
GSTIntricacies in GST Annual Return GSTR 9CA Priyanka Kushwaha
Click here
Income taxBefore filling ITR & Tax Audit Report, we
should know the compliance for claiming
reduced tax rates.
CA C M JainClick here
Income taxAnalysis of ITR-7 and Audit of Charitable Trust and Institutions
CA Ved MittalClick here
Income taxAnalysis on Latest Judicial Pronouncements in
Indirect Tax
CA Anubhav GuptaClick here
OthersEXPORT INCENTIVES IN INDIAAdv. P.K. EthirajanClick here
GSTCritical issues and analysis related to Refunds arising on account of Zero Rated Supply and Inverted Duty Structure under GSTCA Siddhant PathakClick here
Income taxWhether notice under section 148 of the
Act is required to be issued by the AO who
recorded the reasons?
Adv. CA Divyanshu AgarwalClick here
GSTIntroduction of Real Estate, Time and
Place of Supply and RCM provisions
CA Shiva GoyalClick here
GSTITC provisions, Judgements, JDA and
procedural requirements
CA Pranshu PasrijaClick here
Income taxIncome Tax provisions applicable,
Capital Gains, TDS etc
CA Rohit KapoorClick here
GSTGST on E Commerce Operators/SuppliersCA Suraj BhallaClick here