CPE Hours Requirements

Please be updated on CPE Hours Requirements for the Block Period of 3 years (1-1-2020 to 31-12-2022) – CPE Directorate” with the below link –

You can meet these requirements by A. structured and B. unstructured learnings

Structured learning Please have link for All Upcoming Programs – CPE Directorate” https://www.cpeicai.org/all-upcoming-programs/

Unstructured learnings – You can fill the required form and get credit of all learnings you do by self study/ internal office trainings/ attending webinars.

Do check your CPE hours status and meet the requirements
“CPEICAI :: Member Login”
Login membership
Password : cpe…… https://cpeapp.icai.org/member/login

CAs who are not holding COP do have an option of meeting CPE hours requirement alone by unstructured learnings only.

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