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GST in Latest News

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The government is likely to overhaul the CBEC organisational structure to administer the Central GST (CGST) and Integrated-GST (IGST) from April 1, the appointed date for rolling out the goods and service tax (GST) regime.

The CBEC, it is proposed to create one GST commissionerate each for 15,000-20,000 assessees and Rs. 5,000-crore revenue.

In all, it is proposed, there would be 24 zones, 107 commissionerates, 53 audit commissionerates, 53 commissioner (appeals) and 535 GST divisions across the country.

Currently, there are separate structures for the central excise and service tax administration, with 23 excise zones and 4 service tax zones. The distinctions would cease to exist when GST comes into force next year.

The extant large taxpayer units will be dispensed with.