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Cash deposit in excess of Rs. 5000 – RBI removes restrictions

RBI has removed following conditions on deposit of cash in demonetised Old Notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 in bank account, which has been put by its Circular dated 19.12.2016

(i) Tenders of SBNs in excess of Rs. 5000 into a bank account will be received for credit only once during the remaining period till December 30, 2016. The credit in such cases shall be afforded only after questioning tenderer, on record, in the presence of at least two officials of the bank, as to why this could not be deposited earlier and receiving a satisfactory explanation. The explanation should be kept on record to facilitate an audit trail at a later stage. An appropriate flag also should be raised in CBS to that effect so that no more tenders are allowed.

(ii) Tenders of SBNs up to Rs. 5000 in value received across the counter will allowed to be credited to bank accounts in the normal course until December 30, 2016. Even when tenders smaller than Rs.  5000 are made in an account and such tenders taken together on cumulative basis exceed Rs. 5000 they may be subject to the procedure to be followed in case of tenders above Rs. 5000, with no more tenders being allowed thereafter until December 30, 2016.

Related Circular is as follows :- RBI/2016-17/191
DCM (Plg) No. 1911/10.27.00/2016-17